Crime Committed by


15-Year-Old Female

 17 Police Officers:

RoboCop - Police Officer William Melendez:

5 Arrested on Suspicion of Check Scam   

     Barbara Ann Bradley

911 Operator Gets 1-Year Probation     

Adrian Matthew and Keith Holliday:

AK-47 Bandits:

Andre Lavon Jones, Jawan Martin, Terez Deon Rivers,

Frederick Samuel Humes

and Sparkle Eldridge

  • 01/09/08 Grand Jury Returns 14-Count Indictment Against Five Defendants
  • 12/23/08 Department of Justice

     24-Dec-08 AK-47 Bandit Leader Andre Lavon Jones a.k.a. Donlay Holiday received 227 Years in Prison    

23-Dec-08 AK-47 Bandit Jawan Martin received 32 Years in Prison      


AK-47 Bandit Getaway Driver Sparkle Eldridge, wife of Andre Lavon Jones (above) Sentencing 14-Jan-09

Alan Patterson:

Alex Santino Acosta     

                           Alex Santino Acosta

Alleged Joe Louis Fist Statue Vandals   

     John Timothy Price and Brett James Cashman     

Alvin Murray:

Alvin Murray

Bank Robbery

Andre Le Robinson, Aaron Lewis Robinson, and Kenneth Richmond:

     Andre Le Robinson     

 Aaron Lewis Robinson 

Andre Stinson:

Andrew Calvin Liddell:

Andrew Calvin Liddell

Antoine Reese Thomas

Antoine Reese Thomas

Antonio Prophet, Hassan Collier, Marcus Williams, Jermain Collier, and Montelle Nichols:

Atonio Prophet

Aram Alkazoff and Karen Dye Kulin

Arthur Lee Taylor     

     Arthur Lee Taylor

Arthur Massenburg:

                             Arthur Massenburg

ATM Thieves

Audi Drew Dawson and Dominique Brown:

     A place to get an Education    

     Audi Drew Dawson

BeBe Winans:

BeBe Winans 

Benjamin Bernard Pringle, Desmond Nigel Sanders, Roberto Debert Reed, and Brian Thomas:

     Benjamin Bernard Pringle    

     Desmond Nigel Sanders         

Roberto Debert Reed

Berry Robinson III and Isaiah "Ike" Blessit, Jr. 

     Berry Robinson

Bob Best

Bobby Ferguson:

     Bobby Ferguson 

Booze Bandit Targets Detroit Bars

Brandon Taylor

     Brandon Taylor gets 17 Years - He Carjacked a U.S. Department of Justice Employee at a Chase ATM on Grand River and Fenkell

Carjacking Suspect Shot by Police

Carl “Snaps” Smith  

Cedric Johnson

CCC Club

Charla Nunlee and Christopher Hill

Chauncey Wallace:

  • Suspect in Cop Shooting at Large

Cheryl Simpson

Clabe Hunt:

Clarence Birchett:

Clarence Birchett

Clarence Cobb     

     Clarence Cobb (Deceased)

Clifton Earl White:

     Clifton Earl White

Copper Thieves at an Oil Processing Plant

Cops Called Criminals, Too

Cortez Jerome Landers

   Cortez Jerome Landers

Craig Munro

Criminals in Rosedale Park 

I often had dinner at this old fire station turned Spanish Restaurant where it was nice to watch the Flemnco Dancers.  The restaurant was located on Michigan Avenue.  The business closed when the owner Juan pulled his vehicle onto Michigan Avenue was struck and killed

D'Clarence Reynolds:

  • 10/30/07 Deed Fraud Task Force Arrests Man    

Danny Lamonte Smith:

                        Danny Lamonte Smith

Danny Stokes and Lamont Williams:

 Danny Stokes

Dante Foster and Elton Granger:

Darren Johnson, Sr.

Darryl Johnson:

DeAndre DeShon-Russell Riley:

 DeAndre DeShon-Russell Riley

Deleia Monique Skelton, Michael Sean Radcliff, and Ramar Trusty:

  Michael Sean Radcliff

Demarco Ladon Harris

 Demarco Ladon Harris

  • Demetrius Lovell Broadus   

Demetrius Lovell Broadus 

Deon Lorenzo Johnson

 Deon Lorenzo Johnson

Derrick Frank Hill

     Derrick Frank Hill

Derrick Funderburg:

  Also, Derrick mentioned below with the Home Invaders Gang 

Detroit Board of Education 

Devin J. Hudson and Richard S. Harrell-Strong

Dewayne Weaver, Albert Shuler, John Keith, Lamont Martin, Earl Marshall III, Anthony Wise, Gregory Smith and Willie Epsy

Diamond Liquor Store

Dier Smith

Dion Lamar Williamson

     Dion Lamar Williamson

Donald Lee Ulmer

Dontize Romone McCline  

                       Dontize Romone McCline

Douglas Brigham   

 Douglas Brigham

Dr. Ottowai Hamme:

DTE Energy Employee Joseph Bailey

Dwayne Anthony Durr and Damon Lamar Pippen

Dwayne Anthony Durr

  Damon Lamar Pippen

Earle Weaver and Rodney Williams:

     Earle Weaver

Earl Henry Brown:

     Earl Henry Brown 

Edward Robinson

Electric Meter Thief

Eric Jerome Williams

Eric Lamar Tyler

Eric Leroy Jackson:  

Eric Leroy Jackson

Ernest Gray Jackson

Evelyn Millen:

 Evelyn Millen

Former Police Officers Aaron Scott and Brandon Allen:

  • 04/08/08 Two Detroit Police Officers Plead Guilty to Extortion

Former Police Officers Aaron Scott and Brandon Allen

Former Sgt. Roosevelt Tidwell, Jr.:

Roosevelt Tidwell, Jr.

Frank Ambrose, Aren Burthwick, and Stephanie Fultz:

Gary Allen Steele:

   Gary Allen Steele    

Gas Thieves

Gavin VanLavell Harrison and Kimberly Patrice Adams

George Luvene III:

Gregory Boggerty

Gregory Fultz "Ramses":

Gregory Newson

Harry Benjamin, Robert Burkholder, Edward Olszewski, and Jason Sigler - Archdiocese of Detroit 

Henry A. Richardson

Henry Charles Davis:

Henry Charles Davis

Herbert Fordham

Home Invaders Gang (22 Members):

  • Aijalon W. McLittle II
  • Andre C. Woods
  • Chatyn Lefalle Byrd     

Chatyn Lefalle Byrd

  • Christopher Allen, Jr.
  • Crystal Phifer
  • Dwayne O. Smith
  • Derrick Funderburg
  • Eddie Turner, Jr.
  • Edward J. Bell
  • Eric F. Wilson
  • Kenneth Carr
  • Marcus Undarick Baldwin

 Marcus Undarick Baldwin

  • Mario Powell
  • Michael K. Avery


Michael K. Avery    

  • Michael K. Hamilton
  • Michael T. Willis
  • Perry Boddy, Jr.  

 Perry Boddy, Jr.  

  • Samuel Livingston, Jr.
  • Steve J. Brooks
  • Tyree Jones
  • Willie Barginere

Willie Barginere   

  • Yon Clameche Snyder

Huley Oscar Kennedy

Hurbert Jermaine Thompson

     Hurbert Jermaine Thompson

Ivan Armstrong

Ivan Armstrong

Ivan Frederick Boesky

James Andrew Powell  

                           James Andrew Powell

James Darden and Jerry Burton: 

James Edward Shannon    

     James Edward Shannon

James Edward Thomas

James Harris, Willie Volsan, Angela Canoy-Simmons and Julandra Young:

  (Also, for Additional Information, Please See - Infamous

 - Johnny Curry) 

James Lamont Burton

James L. Waddy

James Mercer  

     James Mercer

Jamil Ingram:

JeDonna Young

Jeremy Michael Carr


Jeremy Michael Carr     

Jerome Cole and Willie Harber

Jerry Michael Steele

Jesse Montgomery:

Jesse Montgomery

Jesse Williams

Jimmie Lee Fortune:

Jimmy Schmidt, a Prominent Detroit Chef

JNB Market

Joe Cullen

Johnny Deshawn Orum and Theresa Antoinette Watson

John Roosevelt Miller

Jonathon Wayne Sanders

          Jonathon Wayne Sanders

Jose Eduardo Valencia-Deloca

Jose Enriquez Sanchez

     Jose Enriquez Sanchez

Joseph Gray

Joseph Hall a.k.a. “Hall”      Joseph Hall


Keenan Wells:




     Keith Lamar Collins


Kenlee Bolton:




     Kenneth Ritchie




     Kevin Hearns


     Kirkland Dudley:





     Kirkland Dudley







     Lance Cordell Carbins




     Larry Danvon Miller



Larry Gordy



La-Van Hawkins:






          La-Van Hawkins (center)




     Lee Mack Wallace


Leevester Lee Hathorn: 





a.k.a. Cat or Poohcat



                                   Leevester Lee Hathorn


Linda Ruth Martin and Alvin Samuel:    












 Man gets Stuck on Fish Market Roof







Marco Grant:





     Margaret Carrie Davis




  Martez Lajuan Norwood




     Martonia Djuan Eppinger




Maurice Leonard, Antoine Brandywine Williams, and Derrick Carpenter:








     Melvin Butch Hollowell (left)










Norman Dorise:




     Norman Dorise 









     Perry Demarco Singleton









Police Officers Rodney Rice, Irvin Lamont Upshaw, Christopher Cole, Mark Heath, Antonio Carlisi and Larone Cook:











     Wrong-Way Car hits Pedestrian



Ralph Clark and Travis Glenn:




     Travis Glenn


Randy Adam Morris and Germira Lamar Carter:




     Randy Adam Morris


Germira Lamar Carter




     Reginald David Foy




     Reginald Jermaine Myers



Ricardo Lamar Jones:




     Ricardo Lamar Jones


Richard Herold: 





Richard Lee Baker:




     Richard Lee Baker


Robert Craig Sherrill:

Abscond from Michigan 15-Mar-09 Killed...




     Robert Craig Sherrill



     Robert Jewel Olive II







     Robert Johnson, Jr.




     Robert Lee Hankins


Robert McDonel and Frederick Atkins:




     Frederick Atkins








     Russell Jenkins Daniels


     Rutledge Nathaniel Martain


Rynell Ronnie Roberts:

 "The Ninja Bandit"






     Rynell Ronnie Roberts











Sabrina Gibson


Shawnta Jones and Brandon Taylor:






Spider Man Bandits:


Stacey Renee Siebert and Aaron Wayne Johnson:




     Stacey Renee Siebert



     Aaron Wayne Johnson




Stvonio Tyson:








Terez Deon Rivers:

(Also, please see AK-47 Bandits above)







Turhan Clay and Anthony Nathaniel Watson:



Turhan Clay

Anthony Nathaniel Watson


Vandiver Howard III:




     Vandiver Howard III


Vernon Gentry, Edward James, Kevin Larkins, and Selena Turner:



Vincent Edward Bowden:  



     Vincent Edward Bowden




Wanzell Abdullah and Dremel Lander:




     Wanzell Abdullah



     Dremel Lander


William Hart - Ex-Police Chief:







William Mercer








 Zarak Lemont Ramsey