1 Gunman by an Off-Duty Cop, 1 Wounded on South West Side


  • 1 Killed, 1 Wounded Intersection of Vaughn and Dover Streets on West Side

  • 1 Person, 3 Others Wounded on West Side


  • 1 Teen, 1 Injured in Shooting at Serbian Hall at Van Dyke and East Outer Drive


  • 11-Year-Old Boy on East Side


  • 12-Year-Old Boy on Piedmont Street on West Side


  • 15-Year-Old Boy on Marlborough Street near Jefferson

18 Murdered:

  • 2 Children Killed in House Fire on Charleston Street on East Side

  • 2 Killed by Police in Separate Shootings

2 Killed in Detroit Club:


  • 2 Men Killed in Fiery Crash into Fire Hydrant on Hamtramck Road near Grand Boulevard on East Side


  • 3 Killed in House Fire on West Side


  • 3 Killed when Alleged Street Racer Crashes at Eaton and Greenfield on West Side


  • 4 in East Side Home Shooting




  • 4 on West Side


  • 4 People Shot, 2 Dead in a home located on the 7500 Block of Elmhurst on West Side



  • 5 Babies in 2 Days in Their Sleep


  • 5-Year-Old Fleeing Dog Killed by Hit and Run Motorist on Hull and Seven Mile Road


  • 6 Children Killed in Public Housing Development Apartment Fire




  • 6-Year-Old by BB Gun


  • 65-Year-Old Man on Mack Avenue and Canton Street on East Side

  • Aaliyah in the Bahamas

Aaron Mahone

Ajanee Pollard:

  • 08/23/02 Drive-By Suspects Guilty of Girl's Murder 
Ajanee Pollard

  • Albert and Lillie Sloan South on St. Aubin

Alexis Whitfield and Anthony Bynum:

Alfonso Brown

Alice Fulghen

  •  Alvin Knight outside his Apartment

Alwanda Gail Person-Jackson:

  • Andrea and Dennis Perry, Jr. on Annott Street
Andrea and Dennis Perry, Jr.

Andre Gibson

Andre Tell

Andrew Anthos:

Andrew Anthos

Andrew Fritz

  • Angela McCullough at her Apartment

Angelo Patton:


  • Anne Turner and Benjamin Munar on Gratiot at East Seven Mile Road


Anthonne Marice Anderson:

  • 10/13/08 Man Killed in Motorcycle Crash on US-23

A. Hodges

  • Anthony Bostic on East Side
Anthony Bostic


Anthony King

Anthony Mahone

  • Anthony “Nikki” Nicholas made a Living Entertaining in Detroit Bars

Anthony Richardson


Anthony Wofford

Anwar Sheik

  • Apartment Manager at the Sheridan Court Apartments on Second Avenue near Woodward and Forest

  • April Myers

  • Aretha Benson in her East Side Home
Aretha Benson

  • Baby Found in Yard on East Side

Barbara Gaca:

Barbara Gaca

 Barbara Ann Udics:


  • 09/13/07 Barbara Ann Udics on the 12000 Block of Grandmont 

      Tuesday, 07-Jul-09 Barbara Ann Udics’ Case was Featured on A&E’s The First 48 "Burden of Proof".  Barbara's husband Donald was leaving for work one morning and was approached in his backyard by a gunman.  The gunman forced Donald back into his home

       In the house, the gunman announced it was a robbery, confronted Barbara and demanded money.  She got her purse and pulled out the money and said it  was all she had.  The gunman shot Barbara in the head killing her instantly, and shot Donald in the head and hand; he survived.  Police believed the gunman knew of Donald's daily routine       

The gunman Marlon Johnson, the Udics' neighbor, then fled in the couples' 1 of 3 new cars, the gray Impala.  Marlon Johnson ultimately crashed the car into a pole and the police were able to locate the vehicle by the Onstar GPS device

  Inside the Impala, the murder weapon was found and traced to Marlon Johnson.  Marlon Johnson admitted to being in the Impala, but denied any other involvement.  With the evidence proven, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 129 Years

Ben Goldman:

  • 08/27/08 Ben Goldman Visitor to Detroit Found Dead in Vacant Lot on Braile Street 


Ben Goldman

Bernard Hill


  • Bertha Atkins on the 13000 Block of Hampshire Street on East Side


Betty Williams:

  • Betty Williams on Pinehurst on West Side 

  • Bicyclist Killed Crash with Bus at Beaubien and Gratiot Avenue

Bobby Hanna


  • Boy, 5, Dies in East Side Fire on St. Clair Street and Mack Avenue

  • Boy Killed While Playing with Officer’s Gun

Brandon Martell Moore:


Brandon Martell Moore


Brandon Raphael Sheffield

Briana Caddell:

  • 06/03/02 Briana Caddell Whilst she Slept in her Cardoni Street Home on the North East Side 
Briana Cadell

Brian Strickland

  • Brion Barrett at the Hungry Howie’s Restaurant Located at 6 Mile and Evergreen Roads
Brion Barrett

Bryona Williams:


  • Carila Williams at the Packard Hotel located at 1500 Grand Boulevard

Carlos Fischer


Charles Foutch

Charles Mancill:

  • 02/15/02 Probable Cause Released in Autistic Man's Death 
Charles Mancill

Charles Thompson, Jr.

  • Chester Jackson, Jr.

Christian Sanchez:

Christian Sanchez

C. Ashley

Christopher Peabody


Clarence "Pooch" Cherry:

please also see redruM - Lakari Berry and Vincent Smothers


Clifford Adam Terry

Corey Lamar Landrews

  • Councilwoman Brenda Scott
Council Scott


  • Craig Hall, 1 Wounded in Shooting Intersection of Vaughn and Dover Streets on West Side

Damon Lewis


Danica Radtke

Daniella Erica Munoz:

Daniella Erica Munoz


Dan McQueen

Danny Neal

Dantoya White:

  • 01/04/06 Teen Girl Killed After Being Beaten, Stabbed 
  • 01/04/06 Police Search fo Suspect After Teen Found
Dantoya White


Darell Summers



Darian Rollin

David Irvin

  • Deacon Robert Reynolds on Outer Drive

DeAndre Bailey and Kimberly Nelson:


Dejuan Hudson

Deletha Word


Deon Robinson

Derrick Keller

Desire Geneen Miller


Desmond R. Brumfield



Detroit Police investigate a shooting involving two cops and one person who was shot dead by the cops on Marcus near Gratiot in Detroit, on September 5, 2006

  • Devon Deshaun Walton on East Canfield and Cadillac

  • Devon Ewing


Devon Ewing

Doris Coleman


  • Donald Murphy


      Rachel Vallin, left, and her daughter, Francesca, comfort Dorothy Murphy

     at the funeral for her son, Donald Murphy, who died from complications

     after being shot at the fireworks festival in Detroit

Donyale Luna


  • Dorian Gerdillo and Rosalio Becera on South West Side

  • Dorothy Jule Roberts leaving Tippin Bar on Mount Eliott Avenue 
Dorothy Jule Roberts


  • Double Murder on Mansfield Street off Plymouth Road near Greenfield on West Side

Douglas Adams

  • Driver Shot, Killed while Stopped at Traffic Light at Plymouth and Evergreen Roads

D'Wan Christian Sims:


D'wan Christian Sims (age progression)

Dwan Stowers:

Dwayne Ward

Earl Odell Body


Elmon DeAndre Bostic


Emmanuel Fillilove

  • EMS Patient on Eastbound Grand River between Northrop Street and Lahser Road

Eric Alexander Fears


  • Erick Bailey on Louise Street near West Side

Eric Murrow


  • Eric Williams outside the New Detroiter Bar 
Eric Williams


Evette Jones:

  • Family Killed in Fire

  • Father Slain in Detroit on 6 Mile and Van Dyke, Family Abducted in Warren

Ronald Sheffield

Florence Ballard (left) Photo by Mark Sharratt

  • Frank Williams at an Abandoned House


Gaudrielle "Angel" Webster:

please also see redruM - Lakari Berry and Vincent Smothers


  • Gene Shelby on West Side

George Buchanan

George May

Gerrick Jackson

  • Girl, 13 Killed in House Fire on 6000 Block of Barrett Road on East Side

  • Girl, 17, 2 Men Fatally Shot on Algonac North of 7 Mile Road on East Side

Gloria Teresa Terrell:

Death of an unemployed mother in Detroit

  Gloria Gloria Terrell

Gregory Boggerty

Gregory Dale Clanton

  • Gwendolyn Leonard-Hall
Gwendolyn Leonard-Hall


Gwendolyn Shows

  • Haitham Bahri

Harold Kenneth Blue

  • Hassan Masbouth South West Side

Hedwig Diane Orlowski


  • Herman Chaney on Longwood Road near Woodward Avenue

  • Home Intruder on the 3200 Block of Fullerton

  • Home Invader on the 5200 Block of Kensington Avenue on East Side

  • Homicide’s Tragic Toll: 10 Children in 16 Weeks 



Ibrahim Kadhum Alkazaihi:

  • 05/17/08 Deadly Accident on I-94 near Metro Airport
Deadly Accident

  • Inmate at the Southern Michigan Correctional Facility in Jackson

  • Irving Milberg

  • Irving Shapiro


Isaac Lethbridge:

Isaac Lethbridge

Isaiah Lewis:

please also see redruM - Harold Reed


  • 08/03/01 'Baby Isaiah' Murder Suspect Charged 
Isaiah Lewis

Ivan S. Adams

    Jackson Thomas and Danielle Jones:

Jackson Thomas

Jacqueline Robinson

Jaeron Cedric Chapple


Jaivon Pickens

  • Jalona Stafford near St. Aubin and Farnsworth on East Side
Jalona Stafford   

  • Jamaal Hurt

  • Jawad Bazzi

Jeremy Shellington

Jeremy Waggoner:

  • New Information in the Murder of Jeremy Waggoner

Jerry Croone:


Jerry Croone

Joel Bernard Winterhalter:

Joel Bernard Winterhalter

Joel Crispin Black

John Fitzgerald Calvin


Johnnie Redding:


Johnnie's Home
The Unimaginable
Johnnie Redding

  • Johnny Dragomir

Johnny Lee Rhymes, Jr.

John Thomas Nance


Jon Paul Caudill

  • Joshua Causey

  • Judge John Perry on East Lafayette on East Side
Judge John Perry

Julie Edds

Kalijah Arlboro:

Kalijah Arlboro

  • Karleen Tart on Grenier Street near Fairport

Kathy Moore:

  • Kavon Williams on East Side

  • Kenneth Ball on Biltmore

Kenneth D. Cole

Kenneth D. Long

  • Ken Walker in Triple Shooting at the Intersection of Keeler and Freeland Roads on West Side

Kevin Bland

  • Kevin Cooper, Robert Neal, and Dorian Latam

Kimberly Michelle Jackson:

Kiyon Hardin

Kourtney Duffie:

Justice 4 Me Has Been Served 2/21/08!


I'm so free now!

Dedicated to the Truth Kourtney Duffie


07/20/1984 - 06/11/2007

                                                                Kourtney Duffie

Kourtney Memorial Day 2006

         lamar ray jones

        Lamar Ray Jones - Michigan Department of Corrections

Kurtis Brown


Kyle Ray Smith:

LaDora Gibson:

  • 11/24/07 Sterling Man Kills Wife, Self in Detroit
LaDora Gibson


Lamontio Aree Jackson

Laura Wilson

  • Leonard O’Neal on West Side
Lesley Riley

  • Lichele Addison on Greenfield and Chalfonte Street on West Side

Linzer Jennings:

Lisa Shelton, Wrandell, WaNee, William Parker, Jr. and AuShanai Thompson at 153 Minnesota:   


Lisa Shelton, Wrandell, WaNee, William Parker, Jr. and AuShanai Thompson

  • Lisa Williamson on Eastwood Street on East Side

  • Loranzo King and Shooting of Derak Jones


  • Lt. Joseph Tyrone Candie
Lt. Joseph Tyrone Candie


  • Lucy Mae Kemp and Eddie Kemp at the Intersection of Seymour and MacCrary

  • Lydia Shevchenko Thompson 

  • Lylie Cox

  • Mable Duskin on Ashton and Fenkell Road

  • Makayla Thomas-Swift
Makayla Thomas-Swift


Malice Green

  • Man Fatally Struck on Santa Clara and Appoline Streets

  • Man Found on Clairmont Street West of the Lodge Freeway on West Side

  • Man Shot, Killed at Gas Station at the Detroit/Highland Park Border

  • Man Killed after Shooting at Police on Six Mile Road near Greenfield

  • Man Killed in Drive-by Shooting on Taylor near Woodrow Wilson Streets on West Side

  • Man Killed in Drive-by Shooting on Mayfield and Queen Roads

  • Man Killed near I-94 and Grand River Avenue

  • Man Killed with an Ax on Monte Vista Street

  • Man with Gun Shot, Killed by Officers on Canfield Street near Van Dyke Avenue

  • Man Ran over by SUV at Gas Station on I-96 and Outer Drive

  • Man, Woman Injured in Shooting on Sherwood Street between 6 Mile and Nevada Roads

Marcus Pruitt

Mario Baker

Martha Barnett:

Martha Barnett


  • Martin Ngaima on West Chicago Street
Martin Ngaima

  • Marvin Bell on the 17000 Block of Schoolcraft Road


Marvin Jones, Jr.





  • Maxine Kelly, Levi Morse, and Allen Loggins


  • MC Breed (Eric Breed) "Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin'"


Melody Deshawn Rucker:






  • Mike Jordan


  • Milt Goodson - Milt’s BBQ Located at 19143 Kelly Road



  • Mohammed “Mike” Fouad Makki

Mone Little:

  • Mone Little 
Mone Little


  • Motorcyclist on Clay Street on East Side




Nathaniel Oden


  • Navy Veteran Terron Bush on Harper

  • Odrick Brown on Lauder Avenue near Thatcher on West Side


  • Off-Duty Officer Killed in Carjacking on Northbound Southfield Service Drive at Joy Road



Omar Harris

Orlando Herron and Darren Johnson:

Orlando Herron
Darren Johnson


Otis Waller, Jr.


  • Owner Killed in Video Store Shootout on Evergreen Road  

  • Painter at Ford Field

  • Pancho Lawrence in Parole Office Shooting on Lawton Street and Warren Avenue

Patricia Blake:

  • Man Charged in 1970 Murder Case 


  • Paul Radak



  • Petty Officer 2nd Class Robert Lemar Robinson on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower


  • Police Officer Brian R. Vieau and Tracy L. Vieau


  • Police Officer Charles Phipps


  • Police Officer Patrick Prohm and Suspect at East Vernor and Joseph Campau




  • Police Officer Shot, Shooter Killed

Police Sergeant David Cobb:

David Cobb

  •  Pregnant Mom, 3 Kids

  • Preston Saxton






  • Raheem Wells - Your Sneakers or Your Life

Raven Jeffries:


Raven Jeffries

  Rayshonda Nicole, Raymonda Nichelle Pugh, and Carlos Lumpkin:


  • Rebecca Barcoda

  • Retired Police Officer Sherlyn Fleming on West Grand River Avenue
Sheryln Fleming


  • Retired Police Officer William Penn on Mack Avenue and Chalmers on East Side





  • Robert Howard on Mack Avenue and Lakepoint Street 
Robert Howard


Robert Logan Hamilton


  • Robert Pratt, Jr. on the 15000 Block of Freeland on North West Side
Robert Pratt, Jr.



Rodney Lee


Rodney Perry

  • Roderick Coleman on Cedargrove Street on East Side


  • Rodrick Butler on East Side
Rodrick Butler


Romondo Undray Lewis


  • Romundo Rosa on South West Side


Romundo Sosa


Ronald Neal


  • Ronald Weaver at the Elmwood Village Condominium on East Side


  • Ronny Morris


Rose Cobb




  • Sanchez Thompson on West Side 
Sanchez Thompson


  • Sean Gordon at 5916 Barrette

  • Sean Harris on Cortland Street


Shannon Johnson

  • Shareese Lipsey at the Intersection of Ashton near Belton




  • Sheila Lawson Killed by Stray Bullet on South West Side
Sheila Lawson


Sheldon Ferrebee


Sherrill Turner

Sherrill Turner’s Son who called 911

  • Shy’Quan White on Joy and Ohio Roads on West Side
Shy'Quan White


  Siraquana Cotton and Marissa Mosley:

Siraquana Cotton - 25

Marissa Mosley - 2

Detroit, MI

     On June 22, Siraquana Cotton was styling her sister's hair in the kitchen of her home.  Her estranged boyfriend, Charles “Eastwood” Epperson,  allegedly knocked down her front door and appeared in the home with a gun.  According to witnesses, he shot Siraquana in the head and then    shot her 2-year-old daughter, Marissa Mosley, killing her as well.  Epperson fled the house threatening to kill the other seven people who were in the home at the time.  Police report that there were several domestic violence calls to the home prior to the murder.  Eastwood was convicted of felonious assault and assault with a deadly weapon in a previous domestic violence case for which he served five years in prison. A few hours after the murders, police received a call that a man had jumped into the Detroit River.  They dragged the river and found Epperson's body


Skip Keley Layne, Jr.



  • Specialists Anthony Riggs




  • Stephanie Belue on West Side
Stephanie Belue


Steven Larkins


              For full articles on the St. Aubin Street Massacre, please see -
redruM - Tamara Marie Marshall


Tamara Greene:




Tamiia Russell


  • Tanker Truck Driver Ronald A. Martinez

Tashona Holmes:


  • Tatoo Murder Mystery on the 3300 Block of Greyfriars
Tattoo Murder Mystery


  • Tavis Miller in Tolan Park
Tavis Miller


  • Teenage Boy Killed, Girl Critical After Hit and Run on the way to School at Davison and Linwood


  • Teen at the Joe Louis Post 375 Hall Downtown


  • Teen Killed in Crash with Off-Duty Officer at I-75 Service Drive and Park Street
Marvin Shaina


  • Teen Killed in Shooting 



Terrance Young


  • Terry Buchanan







  • Tony Harris at Eliza Howell Park on West Side
Tony Harris




Tracy Vieau:




Tremayne Lundy

     Tremayne Lundy

     Tyrie S. Lowe:

  • 07/26/05 Man Calls 911 to Say he Killed Girlfriend 
Tyrie S. Lowe


  • Ty-Shawn Stinson on Calvert Street on West Side 
Ty'Shawn Stinson

  • Unidentified Man and Woman on North West Side

Valerie Suzanne Pepe:

Valerie Pepe


Valerie Varteni Atikian:

  • 09/25/07 Business Ties Probed in Detroit Death
Valerie Varteni Atikian


Velvet Spencer


Victor Salas, Jr.

Vincent Chin


  Viola Liuzzo:

  • Viola Liuzzo 


Viola Rivers:

  • Virgil Gibson South on Woodmere
Virgil Gibson


  • Vito Davis on Glenwood near Morang on East Side
Vito Davis

Waad Murad:

Walter Brogan III:


Walter Mazula and Vonetha Nkya:

  • Two Tanzanians have been Murdered in Detroit, USA 
  • Tribute to Walter Mazula and Vonetha Nkya 
  • 09/20/07 Murder Case Still Unsolved Family Puzzled 
  • 11/03/07 Murderers of Two Tanzanians in U.S. Not yet Arrested
Walter Mazula and Vonetha Nyka


Warren Dawson




William Randolph Harden


Willie Robertson



  • Woman Hit, Killed by City Bus near Ryan Road


  • Woman Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash at McGraw and Springwells near I-94 on West Side


  • Woman Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash on Chicago and Holmur


  • Woman, Man Shot Near Winter Blast outside the Red Squared Night Club on Woodward


  • Woman, Remains Found on Peterboro Street in Cass Corridor


  • Woman's Body Discovered
Woman's Body Discovered


Yale Njoma Miller:



Yale Njoma Miler




Zack David Maryman



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